Sunday, July 27, 2014

What's Been Up?

After a very busy June and first half of July, things are slowing down. 

Great to see the in-laws and Shannon's kids yesterday. They came over to swim. Star is quite a little fish!  Savannah is still very inquisitive. Casey thinks the hot tub is his little personal pool. Too cute. 

Caleb is driving a lot and doing really well!  The boys have settled into their teams and practices in the evenings. Caleb's team is NTFC. North Texas Futbol Club. Previously known as Aces or AFC. This is the team he was with for a few years before he moved teams last year. He loves his coach. He is happy. He has a tournament next weekend. 

Colby is doing fabulous at goalie training. Even his keeper coach mentioned how hard he is working. He is super excited to participate in 7th grade football. That will be 6:15 am practices when school starts. Yawn. Cory will need to take him. 

Still with me?  Work has been steady busy. I am finally getting my hair cut next week. It's been 7 months!!!  Trying to get massages monthly to work out stress knots. It isn't a fun spa day. It's a quick 1 hr tension reliever. But it helps

I'll fill you in on the first week of July in a few days. It's a busy one! Have a happy week. 


Caleb received the Goalie MVP at A & M camp. Out of 18 yr olds to 15 yr old boys. Unbelievable. That helped confirmed his hard work is showing up. He was so pumped. 

Brave Girls Club

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 29

Week 28

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boys Are At Camp

Drove the boys to camp Saturday at A & M.  Sunday Colby had a heat rash and today Caleb dislocated his shoulder.  This isn't his first time to dislocate it, and it surely won't be his last.  Ugh.

We've had 2 nice thunder showers today with huge rain drops.

I am in love with Brave Girls Club.  Check them out on the web.  Melody and Kathy are super, awesome ladies who send out words of encouragement to all the members, each day.  I am enjoying their study this month.  The lesson is "She Did It Anyway".  Overcoming the things that hold us back.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Limited Supplies

Just doodling.